Jim’s Steaks on South St – Philadelphia

imageRight in the heart of Philly. 4th and South St neighborhood.  Cash Only. ATM inside.


Got the cheese steak with provolone, onions and peppers. No wiz, I know. The legendary local beer Yuengling  and some chips. The sandwhich was good. Went down fast. Good beef, decent onions. Thought it would be more savory, but I ate it in seconds.

Yuengling is the most hyped up average lager I’ve ever had. It’s fine. Just a cheap lager.

Hash House A Go Go – Hillcrest San Diego


This is a spot with a diner type feel to it. It’s always crowded especially on weekends. They take a break between lunch and dinner. Probably to get ready for the huge portions of food they serve. I had the Biscuits and Sausage Gravy with Mashed Potatoes and Eggs. Added in the Sage Chicken Fried Steak just to try it out. Whew! I’m a big guy and I couldn’t make a dent ! Good stuff, though. Pricing was about $12-$15 a head. Not counting my Chicken Fried Steak. Be warned the portions are monstrous. If you wanted to the pancakes could be a sunhat.

Also notable, it’s street parking and the weekend wait I’m told clicks up to 2 hours.

All ‘n All a safe place to eat as long as you bring a friend to roll you out at the end.